Device design

Equipped with a command function specialized for wiring design of three-dimensional laminated structures of various electronic devices, it achieves high efficiency of each design work from concept to detail.

In addition to manual design by conventional command operation, work efficiency and quality are improved by using programming design.

The layer structure and library registration that affect the performance of the tool are unlimited, and you can freely build your own design to support next-generation electronic devices.

■ Three-dimensional integration

3D visualization and integration on the same data from manufacturing data such as DXF / Gerber / GDSII enables 3D integration of various electronic devices such as chips, packages and boards.

■ Package substrate

Equipped with effective functions from concept design to detailed design, such as from chip information to grid study and finger placement study.
In addition, complex structures such as POP and via in via and FOWLP are also supported.

■ Flexible substrate

Special wiring patterns required for flexible substrates can be input, and editing and reinforcement functions are provided according to the manufacturing process.
Next-generation optical waveguide wiring will also be supported.

■ Panel module

It is possible to design a single product such as a character dot matrix, or a composite product such as a liquid crystal module, and it is equipped with a function to evenly align resistance values ​​with an automatic wiring width adjustment function.