Design by programming

The combination of conventional manual commands and a uniquely developed programming language realizes unprecedented efficiency in design/edit/check work.

■[START] Dedicated programming language "SeF"

◆ [SeF] is a simple programming language dedicated to [START]. (START Execute Format)
◆ Data processing can be automated with a program freely configured by the user.
◆ You can program with a simple basic level language and members of a dedicated placement object.
◆[SeF] programming can be created with a text editor such as Notepad.
◆We also provide free of charge within the scope of maintenance support. ⇒ sampleSeF

■Case introduction

Example) Comparison of manual operation of layer composition and program execution

◆Merit of SeF: Continuous execution of layers is also possible. Error handling can be added. You can also make detailed settings for the target object. You can also set a new placement layer. Such

■User benefits

♦Add new functions without waiting for version upgrade
Demands for simple function expansion can be supported by the SeF programming file.

◆ Operate as a tool exclusively for your company that incorporates original technology
By customizing using SeF programming, you can build your own environment and differentiate from your competitors.

◆ Preventing technology leakage of special processing
Programs created by users or programs created by us that include user-specific technology will not be released to other users.

※Please Contact us for details.