Programmable circuit diagram

■ Schematic mode

The schematic mode of [START] is a "schematic editor function" that can create "netlist" and "schematic drawings" on the same data as "pattern wiring mode".

■ Published database

The database of "Schematic mode" is composed of the same "SSF" as "Pattern mode", and its format is open to users.

⇒By using the "SSF" format, you can create or arrange specific data other than manual operation.


■ "SeF programming"

You can use the "SeF programming" function to create your own unique one-point function that supports data input and editing.

Reference example of custom function
① Symbol change function by specifying the gate pack.
② Automatic generation of terminal symbol from designated pin.
③Automatic wiring by guide net, one-point wiring.
④ Pin attribute file registration...etc

⇒ We also support the creation of custom functions.

※Please Contact us for details.