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  • DEMITASNX direct interface

      With the cooperation of NEC Solution Innovator Co., Ltd., we have developed a direct interface with back annotation for EMI check of EMI suppression design support tool [DEMITASNX].
    • Setting and outputting attributes
      • Register the attributes required for DEMITASNX in layer / part / net and output LAY file.
        Since there is no need to set it again with DEMITASNX, it can be checked immediately after change or correction with START.

    • Confirmation of simulation results
      • When you select an EEF / EMI file, simulation results are displayed in a list on the screen.
        Selecting an item from the list pans to the error location.
        You can modify the result list while checking it on the screen.

    • 3D display
      • Highlight error nets, place error marks, and check the results in 3D view.