[START 3D VIEWER] is a high-speed processing 3D viewer that was originally developed in order to work with the [START] main unit and make the best use of it.

◆ Interlocking function with the main body
(1) The current conductor pattern, dielectric shape, mounted parts, etc. can be displayed directly in 3D.
(2) It is possible to check the current layer configuration status in simple 3D.
(3) It is possible to check the result of 3D DRC in 3D display.
⇒ [START 3D VIEWER] can open his S3DV file by itself.

◆ Main functions
(1) Extract and highlight the wiring connection (Module-NET) between the combined modules.
(2) It is possible to pan the specified NET, parts, and pins.
(3) Display can be turned on and off for each layer and object.
(4) The specified object can be highlighted and transparently displayed.
(5) Display angle adjustment, display scale, light source adjustment, telephoto / wide-angle adjustment, etc. are possible.
(6) It is possible to create still image capture & video capture files.

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